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UK's Leading Halal Foodservice Supplier

We specialise in the manufacturing and supply of halal meals, snacks, meat and poultry. We also produce a wide variety of vegetarian meals and snacks.

A Mother’s Love All Packaged Up

Spice Time was born over 20 years ago when a doting mother (and fantastic chef) did not want her son to go hungry at university. She started to send food parcels from Birmingham all the way to Falmouth in Cornwall.

Through the Hussain husband and wife team, and with an existing entrepreneurial mindest, the concept of Spice Time came into existence.

Happy Customers

Right size, right seasoning, right taste and very easy to make!

Faiza A.

Lovely samosas without the hassle of frying straight in the oven and they come out lovely.

Gul A.

Excellent food quality , fresh, juicy, tender with just the right amount of seasoning!

Lorna P.

How It Works

We take traditional family recipes and develop them into exciting products that bring the taste of home to a wide range of markets. And now, you can experience the flavour direct to your door: